Exclusive Course Offer

Blossoming Heart Mentoring call to fine-tune your next steps

I know that sometimes it can be challenging to put into action the learnings derived from the course exercises and any insights you may have discovered.

I have created an exclusive one to one 30 minute Blossoming Heart Mentoring call to fine-tune your next steps and outline a way forward, specifically tailored to your own journey of the heart.

What you will receive from 30-minute Blossoming Heart Mentoring call

1. We will check in with where you at following the course.
2. Is there an area in your life where you feel you need greater clarification or support.
3. We will revise together any of the exercises that you would like to connect with more deeply.
4. Is there a goal you would like to achieve in your personal or business life?
5. Above all, I will be there to lovingly facilitate your own heart wisdom.

After you have secured your 30-minute Blossoming Heart Mentoring call, we will get in touch with you via email to arrange a time to conduct a skype or zoom video call together. I am so excited to be able to provide this service and help you to guide your own heart.

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Robbi Zeck ND

What is a Mentor Call

Robbi Zeck ND


Robbi's pioneering work on the emotional benefits of essential oils is powerfully represented in her deeply moving workshop series, Aromatic Kinesiology® –The Paths of Beauty, Nurture & Stillness.

'Over the years I have realised that having a blossoming heart is the key to fulfilment and happiness. My blossoming heart found me when I began to trust myself and love more deeply, through moving in the direction of my joy.' 

'Now I guide others to open their blossoming hearts through my mentoring and beautiful Aromatic Kinesiology workshops. I love travelling the world with my gorgeous husband with our Aroma Tours to France, Spain and Italy, leading Women’s Retreats in Bali and creating beautiful spaces at our home in Provincial Victoria. I find joy in gardening, galahs and anything French.    I adore heart-centred living and bringing my skills and knowledge to help your blossoming heart to flourish and shine.'

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