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How to Pause for a Blossoming Heart

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Single Course

1x Workbook

1x Essential Oil Reflection Journal

1x Meditation

13x Videos

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Enjoy this Pause for your Blossoming Heart and work with Robbi at your own pace, in your own time on any device that is connected to the internet. The online workshop and exercises will take approximately 180 mins.

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Journal your ideas and thoughts in the specially prepared 'How to pause for a Blossoming Heart' workbook PDF. This is where you can write notes and record your exercises with Robbi in your own hand. You will be able to download this beautifully designed journal when you register for this course with Robbi.


Robbi Zeck

Robbi Zeck ND is the author of The Blossoming Heart. Her pioneering work on the emotional benefits of essential oils is powerfully represented in her deeply moving workshop series, Aromatic Kinesiology® –The Paths of Beauty, Nurture & Stillness.

Meet Robbi Zeck ND. Your Workshop Presenter

Welcome to The Blossoming Heart Institute. Im Robbi Zeck, your presenter and teacher for How to Pause for a Blossoming Heart”. 

For many years, I have designed and lead heart focused workshops and retreats in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Taiwan, USA, Canada, France and Ireland. I am passionate about inspiring women to engage in a deeper conversation with their heart, so they can build confidence, develop emotional poise, sustain loving, fulfilling relationships and truly own their value.

Its long been a personal dream to give greater access to my audience and so now I am so excited to be able to bring to you my energy and gifts in my new online workshop.

Robbi Zeck's Professional Background:

Robbi Zeck ND is the author of The Blossoming Heart-Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation. Her pioneering work on the psychological benefits of essential oils and how they affect the integration of emotional experiences is powerfully represented in her deeply moving workshop series:-
Aromatic Kinesiology® – The Paths
 of Beauty, Nurture and Stillness

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"To blossom means to bloom, open, unfold, flower, evolve, mature, flourish. Think for a moment about how your life is unfolding at this time. The light and shade of life is equally important and each moment, even a crisis, can open you to many gifts and possibilities. How will you know when your heart is blossoming? This beautiful course will help you sustain your own blossoming heart." 

Within the Pause for A Blossoming Heart experience, we are going to create a holding space for inspirational heart-centred conversation and, set your heart on course for living a life that lights you up.

From this place of the Blossoming Heart, you can nurture your big dreams, create new positive habits, develop emotional resilience, inspire transformation in others and lead your own family and community with great heart.

I want to walk alongside you, empower you and help you recognise the beautiful gifts you have to share, to fully know when your heart is blossoming and how to sustain that on a daily basis.

Who is this workshop designed for?

This mini-course is designed for women who:

  • Need time on their own, to restore, replenish and refresh
  • Want to soothe anxious moments when they arise
  • Need a confidence boost
  • Desire a reset for tuning in to their heart’s desire and purpose
  • Seek being validated more for the beautiful work that they do
  • Want to give voice to the call of their heart
  • Desire to take a sacred rest from the pressures of life
  • Want to build better relationships

In this workshop, How to Pause for a Blossoming Heart, I will present you with a practical and thought-provoking series of exercises that I have taken from my book, The Blossoming Heart: With each question, I will prompt you with short videos, to guide you through the Heartwork that we will do together.

How will you benefit from this Workshop?

When you focus on the area around your heart it allows you to view life from a different perspective and creates space inside of you for calm and clarity. Being fully present in your heart allows conscious creation to arise, an activation of your soul-callings and divine intentions.

After you have completed this workshop you will:

  1. Feel nurtured by how your life is unfolding at this time
  2. Recognise when your own beautiful heart is blossoming
  3. Know how to sustain your own blossoming heart 

Heart-centred living turns you gently towards the spark that lights your heart. And in that turning, you can find the place inside where you can bring peace and calm to your heart, expand your capacity for love and feel a greater connection to others.

What are the course materials for this Workshop?

In this course, I will prompt you with a series of exercises that will be accompanied by a short video from myself. These have been designed to assist you to pause, consider and reflect on each question. You will be able to record your thoughts directly on each workshop page, which will remain yours and will be accessible to you as your personal record.

Additionally, you can use the specially prepared PDF workbook journal to write notes in your own hand. You can download the journal when your register for the course. Whichever way you choose to record your progress you will find this course beneficial to your own self-awareness on your life’s journey


Course Design

How to Pause for a Blossoming Heart is designed with 9 exercises for you to complete. 

There are 11 videos with Robbi guiding you through each of the exercises. 

You are invited to a special one-on-one session with Robbi

At the end of this online workshop, you will be invited to apply to have your journal workbook reviewed in person with me via video link. This is an additional service to this course and I would enjoy being able to spend time with you to assist you on your Blossoming Heart journey. An opportunity to have this one-on-one-time together will be made available on registration of the workshop.

So, for now, switch on your beautiful heart-light as we experience together, How to Pause for a Blossoming Heart.  I’m Robbi Zeck and I look forward to being with you and seeing your Blossoming Heart shine.

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